“My daughter, Ellie, asks every day if she can go to nursery and in the holidays demanding to go there regardless of it being closed!” (Emily)
“My son started at Stepping Stones in January 2017, we’d recently moved to the area and this was his first nursery experience having been with a childminder previously. The staff at Stepping Stones were so welcoming, from our first visit to my son starting, the environment was always warm and friendly. My son settled instantly and grew so much while attending, he really flourished and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stepping Stones to any parent looking for a warm, happy and nurturing nursery.”  (Kelly)
“I have two children, at Stepping Stones Preschool now,  both are very happy, it is wonderful to turn up and see them sitting together, eating lunch, and singing the songs they have learnt throughout the day at home… very nice staff too…” (Anon)
“I remember the day we came to visit Stepping Stones as a potential first nursery for Maxine: she walked straight in and started painting on the outdoor easel. From then on – I battled to get her to leave the setting! She had so much fun, learned so much, made so many friends and learned how people other than family could be the source of LOVE. We value that immensely and so eternally grateful to the amazing staff at Stepping Stones for this. No other words can say it, so THANK YOU will have to suffice. Many thanks as always.” (Stacey)
“My experience is: Nikol is getting up every morning with the question are we going to school, that’s is enough for me to know how she is feeling in Stepping Stones! Gorgeous stuff.” (Anon)
“These are staff that really really care about your child. They are compassionate and passionate about the experience they are offering. When I drop my son off it feels comparable to leaving him with people who are valued relatives that also happen to be Early Years Practitioners.” (Jo)
“I find the Stepping Stones Preschool kind, caring, warming and stimulating environment for my child to enjoy, he loves coming to Stepping Stones. My son’s development has greatly improved since joining Stepping Stones. His social and language skills have developed. The staff do a great job and really care about all the children they look after.” (Sanam)
“The staff at Stepping Stones are excellent. They really go the extra mile to support the children, especially those who need extra support.” (Katie)